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MP FILTRI In-line Filters

in line filters

In-line medium pressure filters are used as process filters to protect pumps, pressure reducers and hydraulic circuits from contamination as per ISO 4406. They are available in 2 styles :

• LMP 110-120-124-210-400-900-950 filters for mounting in-line
LMP filters are available in a wide rage of versions and working pressures for use on all hydraulic circuits as follows :
• return filters in external tank mounting construction for medium and high flow rates in single and duplex versions
• in-line for low and medium pressures for off-line applications
• in-line for medium pressures as process filters, for example, for forced lubrication applications, in single or duplex versions
• over boost filtering
• in-line for medium pressures for filtering hydraulic boost circuits
• in-line as high holding capacity filters on test beds.

LMP filters are thus suited to applications running from steel works to mobile equipment, test beds to naval applications, and provide the right solution for filtering requirements in all sectors. LMP filters are available in single, manifold and duplex versions. LMP_UK