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WALVOIL Handlevers And Accessories

Handlevers And Accessories

Overview :
Handles and handlevers :-
The need for more comfortable and always more complete controls led Walvoil to develop a wide range of knob and handlevers suitable for our directional control valves.


Sensors :-
The sensor range allows the accurate check of the cursor position in the control valves.

Main Characteristics :
  ON/OFF functions Proportional functions   Dead man switch
Type push-button rockers    
Series 10 1 1    
Series J 1 1    
Series V 4 2    
Series H 8 2 1 â€Â¢
Series P 8 3 3  
(New) Series S 2 Â 1  

Handles with electric components accept direct current only. For control devices features ask related technical catalogue.
(*):Ref. to max. number of functions.


  Voltage rating Weather protection Ball switch Hall effect LVDT Digital output Linear output Output load
8MG3 from 5 to 24 VDC IP67 â€Â¢     â€Â¢   10 mA / 4A
SPSD from 9 to 32 VDC IP67 / IP69K   â€Â¢   â€Â¢   1 mA
SPSL from 9 to 32 VDC IP67 / IP69K   â€Â¢     â€Â¢ 1 mA
8LZ3   IP67     â€Â¢   â€Â¢