Seamless Tube, Seamless Tubes, Bright Annealed Finish Seamless Tube, Mumbai, India
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Seamless Tubes
Seamless Tubes are made available by us in bright annealed finish in different specifications and dimensions. These come in corrosion resistant as well as vibration absorbent finish and can be offered in different metal grade options. The industry sectors these are used in include chemical, pharmaceutical, automobile, agricultural and others.
  • Seamless tubes can be made available in both standard and customized finish range
  • Can be made available as per DIN 2391 standards and in varied size options like from 6 mm OD to 42 MM OD and others
  • Tubes made available in bright annealed finish that allows for easy bending and flaring
  • Suitable for use in hydraulic pressure lines
  • Tubes designed to handle high static and dynamic loads
  • Smooth inner surface for enhanced fluid flow
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